When creating a design or choosing a vinyl wrap for your vehicle, you’re inevitably going to choose colors to communicate your brand and goals. Though it can seem a bit daunting to pick these colors for your vehicle wrap, having a clear framework for choosing the right colors can help.

There are no rules for the “right” color. Cultural and seasonal color associations fluctuate, so here are some simple meanings for popular vinyl wrap colors:

  • Black — Think luxury. Black tie, black dresses, black cars — if your wrap is reflective of a luxurious, sophisticated aesthetic, black is the top choice.
  • White — White can fit a number of molds, but is typically thought to reflect safety, cleanliness and youth.
  • Gray — On vehicles, gray exudes a sense of tradition, dependability and stability.
  • Blue — The generally favorite color, blue evokes a trustworthy feeling, and is typically associated with loyalty, confidence and authority. Different shades, however, hold complex meanings.
  • Green — Though green carries a variety of associations, it is generally associated with money, freshness and the environment.
  • Red — The most emotionally intense color, red reflects power, determination and passion.
  • Orange — Associated with joy, tropicality and heat, orange has high visibility and a stimulating effect, therefore doing well in promoting food or game-related products.
  • Yellow — Wielded carefully, yellow can convey happiness, friendship and positive energy.
  • Brown — Brown is a neutral color that holds seasonal associations, as well as senses of earthiness, honesty and warmth.
  • Purple — Historically symbolizing royalty and nobility, purple conveys magic, unity and ambition.

Everything boils down to the goals and brand that you are trying to communicate. The colors should reflect your brand to your target audience and provide the desired perception for your company.

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