Floor Wraps & Stair Wraps

Get Noticed!

Turn staircases into branded billboards with a custom stair wrap or floor wrap. Stair wraps are a high-impact, creative marketing solution. They can be entirely customized so size and shape don’t matter. Big and small brands alike are taking advantage of this fun marketing solution and getting the maximum exposure from stair wraps and graphics. 

Perspective is everything.

Create a design that comes together when looked at from below or add subtle branding or graphics to staircases and floor areas with a lot of visibility.  Stair wraps are a fun and creative way to advertise your business and take advantage of every inch of space available. 

At SFG Wraps we take care of everything for you from designing and planning, to printing and installation. Our team of creative experts will get your project completed as quickly as possible with the highest level of professionalism and care. 

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How long will my vehicle wrap last?

Typically our 3M/Avery Dennison wraps last 3 to 5 years depending on use and care. Our wraps can be easily changed or updated at any time.

Do I need to wrap my entire vehicle?

No! For your convenience, SFG Wraps offers full and partial fleet vehicle wraps. A full wrap includes all vehicle surfaces, while half and three-quarters wraps include partial vehicle surfaces. Depending on your budget and branding needs, SFG Wraps’ technicians will recommend the option that is best for your fleet and budget.


Are your wraps guaranteed?

In addition to 3M and Avery Dennison Performance Guarantee, SFG Wraps offers a 12-month warranty on our vehicle wraps. This comprehensive warranty covers 100% of materials and workmanship if proper care and maintenance is followed.


How do I take care of my vehicle wrap?

Caring for your vehicle wrap can significantly increase its lifespan. It is crucial in ensuring that your product lasts as long as possible. Part of caring for your vehicle wrap involves regular washing. Keeping your car clean will keep your wrap looking new and clean as well. If possible, park your vehicle indoors over long periods of time to protect it from the elements.

How long does the wrapping process take?

This varies by project. Each vehicle is different as is each job is. The time that it takes for installation depends on whether you’re wrapping your entire vehicle or doing a partial wrap. For accurate time estimates, contact us directly.


Are vehicle wraps safe on my car’s paint?

Having a quality vehicle wrap installed professionally can actually make your car’s original paint last longer. One of the benefits of vehicle wraps is that it  adds an extra layer of protection ford your car’s original paint from the elements and normal wear and tear and can be professionally uninstalled later on.


What happens if I want to go back to my original color?

One of the benefits of vehicle wraps is that it is easy to remove and allows you to change your vehicle’s look without having to compromise the original paint color. Professional removal and detailing is highly recommended.