Frequently Asked Questions

Wrap FAQs

How long will my wrap last?

SFG Wraps’ 3M/Avery Dennison designer fleet wraps typically last  3-5 years or longer based on use, but can be easily changed or updated at any time.

Do I need to wrap my entire vehicle?

No! For your convenience, SFG Wraps offers full and partial fleet vehicle wraps. A full wrap includes all vehicle surfaces, while half and three-quarters wraps include partial vehicle surfaces. Depending upon your budget and branding needs,SFG Wraps’ technicians will recommend the option that is best for your fleet.

Are your wraps guaranteed?

In addition to 3M and Avery Dennison Performance Guarantee, SFG Wraps offers a 12-month warranty with each vehicle wrap. This comprehensive warranty covers 100 percent of materials and workmanship as long as maintenance