Faqs – Auto Restyling

Typically our 3M Avery Dennison wraps last 3 to 5 years depending on use. Our wraps can be easily changed or updated at any time.

No! For your convenience, SFG Wraps offers full and partial fleet vehicle wraps. A full wrap includes all vehicle surfaces, while half and three-quarters wraps include partial vehicle surfaces. Depending on your budget and branding needs, SFG Wraps’ technicians will recommend the option that is best for your fleet. 

In addition to the 3M and Avery Dennison Performance Guarantee, SFG Wraps offers a 12-month warranty on our vehicle wraps. This comprehensive warranty covers 100% of materials and workmanship.

We love to provide high quality work and in order to do that we must use the best quality materials. We work with every major brand including, 3M, Avery Dennison, Oracal, ORAFOL, and Hexis.

Our average car wrap cost starts as low as $4,000. A pickup or a large SUV starts as low as $5,500.

There’s many variables that go into determining the cost of your project, these prices can change depending on the vehicle and customer requests. We’ve found great success in having in-person consultations and being able to personally assess the vehicle and talk about the ultimately goal. If you want a free quote, get in touch with us here.

Car washes generally use chemicals that can be damaging to vinyl. We encourage our customers to use one of three methods for keeping their vehicles clean and ensuring the longevity of your car wrap.

  1. Take it to a hand carwash where they use soap and water. 
  2. Use a touch-less carwash where they use pressurized water to clean the cars.
  3. Invest in a pressure washer with a foam cannon.

Sure! You can learn to do just about anything these days, but like with most things, if you haven’t done it before it’s going to be difficult. Our team of installers have years of experience wrapping all types of vehicles. We hold a certain level of quality standard. We don’t cut corners when it comes to our work. We disassemble the vehicle and put it back together beautifully wrapped.

While we encourage our customers to try themselves if they’re interested in the experience, the level of quality you can expect when you have your car professionally wrapped is unparalleled to what anyone can do from home.

Vinyl, inherently, by itself will not damage a car with catalyzed paint that has been prepped and installed properly. If a car has been repaired to a lower standard where the prep process was compromised and the paint doesn’t adhere to the vehicle well, then there can be instances where the vinyl might damage the paint. This happens when the vinyl we install adheres to the paint better than the paint adheres to the car.

Maintenance is also very important with a vinyl wrap. While wrapping a car is pretty low maintenance, it’s crucial to keep the vinyl clean. If not cleaned properly and regularly, some vinyl can experience staining. If not taken care of, over time it can transfer into the paint of the car.

We urge our customers to come to us immediately if they see any discoloration in their vinyl.

It’s very unlikely that this happens. We do a full vehicle assessment with our customers and go over the history of the vehicle before we start any project. If your car is brand new and has never been painted, it’s extremely unlikely that this will happen but because it’s always a possibility, we like to let our customers know in our waivers.

In general, if you can feel a scratch with your nail, you’re going to see the impression through the vinyl. During our in-person consult your installer will go over what this will look like. Most customers are ok with it, but it’s a personal preference.

In some cases we’ll refer our customers to one of the body shops that we work with to have them sand the car before we wrap over it.

If you’re concerned with how your coverage will change by wrapping your car, we suggest you speak directly with your insurance provider. In some cases, your insurance will cover the car wrap. To find out what’s covered under your policy, it’s best to speak to your insurance company beforehand.

That depends on the quality you’re looking for in your paint job or car wrap. A quality paint job will cost you more than a quality car wrap, however if you’re willing to compromise quality, there are very inexpensive car paint options as there are vinyl wrap options.

It all comes down to your personal goals and standards.

Absolutely! If the installer’s work is of the highest standards, then your wrap will absolutely look like paint.

There are some benefits that come with wrapping a car. Because the vinyl is around 3-4mm thick, it provides your vehicle a layer of protection from impact and UV rays.

If professionally uninstalled and cleaned at the end of your car wrap’s life, you can end up with a car that looks just like it did the day you drove it off the lot.

No. It’s not a permanent change so there’s no need to contact the DMV.

You cannot wax your car wrap, however you can buff and polish vinyl with the right experienced professional.

Only if there was something wrong with the paint before the car was wrapped or if chemically something has contaminated it.

Of course! We can safely and professionally uninstall your car wrap.

This is based on the condition of the wrap when you bring it in. In most cases it can take about a day, in some cases it can take up to a week.

Yes. Vinyl can scratch, but unlike paint, you can remove a panel of vinyl and replace it quickly and inexpensively.

Prepping is probably the most important step for a high quality car wrap. It’s a really detailed process. We sometimes spend a half a day to a day prepping the vehicle.

We do a considerable amount of disassembly before we begin installing and cleaning. Depending upon the vehicle’s difficulty, we will remove lights, bumpers, mirrors, and, in some circumstances, fog lights, door handles, and trim pieces. We degrease the car, get rid of any kind of waxes or sealants, and then we begin the installation.

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