Race to the finish line in style. Whether you’re looking for some racing stripes or just want to change the color of your vehicle, SFG’s team of designers work with precision, perfection, and passion to provide the best vinyl design and installation experience for any auto restyling.


A Unique Car Deserves a Unique Look

Vehicle wrapping is the most affordable and easiest way to change your vehicle’s image without causing permanent damage to your car or breaking the bank. Previously, painting your car was the only way to change its appearance. This process was expensive, permanent, and usually required leaving your car at a shop for long periods of time. Paint jobs are now a thing of the past. 

Car wraps are affordable, safe, and customizable to your needs. They combine style and performance. Vinyl wraps offer endless possibilities without having to commit to a permanent color or style. At SFG Wraps, we offer full wraps, partial wraps, and even custom graphics and accents for cars, trucks, commercial vehicles, vans, and boats.

Color Change

Add Color To Your Ride

Having to paint your car is now a thing of the past. Previously, if you wanted a different color your options were limited. Painting your vehicle is permanent, expensive, and required leaving your car in the shop for long periods of time. Vinyl wrapping has revolutionized color changing your vehicle. You no longer have to worry about sacrificing your original paint job. With a professionally installed vinyl wrap, you can change your car’s color or finish without the previous stress that involved a paint job.

Good Things Take Time

At SFG Wraps we strive for perfection with every single job. Sometimes we have to do things more than once, but that’s part of the reason customers love us. Our attention to detail is unparalleled and it reflects in our work. If you’re interested in a color change for your vehicle, contact our shop to get a quote.


Tesla Vinyl Wraps

SFG Wraps offers full vehicle wraps for Tesla models. Change your car’s appearance without causing permanent damage. Wrapping your vehicle not only changes its look but also protects its original paint from the elements and from normal wear and tear such as scratches and debris. 

If you decide you want to remove the vinyl wrap from your Tesla, it is safe to remove when done so professionally. 

For information and pricing for various Tesla models, contact us for details.

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