Commercial & Fleet Wraps

Drive Business Back To You

Elevate your business and increase your customer base. Commercial wraps promote brand awareness and is the most cost-effective type of marketing for your business. Considering how many people see your vehicles on the road each day, having a branded fleet can significantly raise brand visibility and increase brand awareness. Being completely customizable means it can fit any budget

Here are just some of the benefits of commercial vehicle wraps:

Brand Awareness

Help people discover your brand. Whether you’re interested in wrapping an entire vehicle or adding a logo or design, commercial fleet branding is the best way to reach your audience and increase visibility.


Having a branded fleet conveys trustworthiness and professionalism to your clients. A professional logo leaves a memorable and impactful impression. When a customer sees you coming, they’ll know it’s you.

Minimal Maintenance

Vehicle wraps and logos have virtually no maintenance other than keeping the vehicle clean. This prevents possible damages and ensures longevity. Wraps are easy to remove or change in case your branding changes or it’s time to update the look.

Here’s what you can expect when you choose SFG Wraps:


A quality job starts with quality materials. We use top of the line materials for our vehicle wraps to ensure that your job lasts as long as possible.


One of the most important parts of having a successfully wrapped vehicle is the installation. We offer professional installation with our vehicle wraps. We take this process very seriously so that it’s done right and looks amazing when completed.


Our team is composed of experts from installation to print and design. We take pride in our work and it reflects in our products and services.


Our talented artists can help with design or branding. We’re a one-stop shop for car wraps, printing and design

Whether you’re interested in a full vehicle wrap or want to start with logos, SFG Wraps will help you with all aspects of branding, printing, and installation. Call us at 510-552-5658 or email us to get started. 

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