Wall Murals & Traditional Signage

Empty walls are missed marketing opportunities.

When most people think of murals, they usually think of street art, but wall murals are a huge advertising solution for big and small businesses alike. Wall murals can be seen in businesses like hospitals, restaurants, coffee shops, and retail stores. They offer an opportunity to deliver powerful messages about your company’s values and visions. Whether internally or externally, a vibrant piece of art can make your brand be seen and grab potential customers’ attention. 

Once you recognize the value that wall murals provide, the possibilities become endless.

Here are some ways that wall murals and signage can work for your business:

Product displays

Showcase your product with wall or window graphics that can help customers visualize what you offer.

Increased visibility

Exterior wall murals can drive traffic from the outside. Captivating designs will bring in potential customers.

Brand image

Logos and graphics can tell a story about your brand. Using wall murals and well-executed art can show your customers what your brand is about.

We Bring Ideas to Life

SFG Wraps strives for perfection. We take your concepts and ideas and bring them to life. We use precision and attention to detail on every project to deliver exactly what our clients envision. No project is too big or small for our team. Whether you know exactly what you’re looking for or you need help designing something new that will capture the essence of your brand, our talented and creative designers will work with you until we get it right. We’re not satisfied unless you are.

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